Sweden aim for sustainable EHF EURO with Tetra Pak

NEWS: Climate-smart water carton packages to be used in Sweden during the Men’s EHF EURO 2020 in Sweden

Tetra Pak's climate-smart packaged water will replace plastic bottles during the tournament in Sweden

A month before the throw off of the Men’s EHF EURO 2020, co-hosts Sweden have teamed up with Tetra Pak in a bid to make handball more sustainable with climate-smart packaged water replacing plastic bottles during the tournament.

The cooperation, which has resulted in a national supplier agreement for Sweden, will be activated during January’s EHF EURO, which Sweden will host with Austria and Norway between 9 and 26 January 2020, with the final weekend taking place in Stockholm.

The partnership with Tetra Pak is in line with the Swedish Handball Federation’s decision to prioritise sustainability issues, which is a central dimension of their future strategy. Tetra Pak is one of the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions companies and a specially designed ‘handball water’ – packaged in climate-smart, carton packaging – will be available during the games.

Water in carton packages will be used throughout the European Championships, replacing bottled water. The Swedes are hoping the packaging will inspire others to contribute to make sustainable choices.

“The upcoming EHF EURO 2020 in January will be a starting point for how Swedish handball will be developed in terms of sustainability,” said Krister Bergström, CEO of the Swedish organising committee for EURO 2020. “Our cooperation with Tetra Pak is also sanctioned by the European Handball Federation. Now we are taking the first step towards promoting less use of plastic bottles in handball.”

Tetra Pak focuses on developing low carbon, renewable packaging solutions and stands for Swedish know-how and innovation with a focus on resource efficiency. Carton packaging is a good choice as they are mostly plant-based, transport- and resource efficient. They are recycled as paper packaging. Now there is also water in carton packaging as an alternative to other materials.

Berit Hoffmann, Marketing Director of Tetra Pak, said: “Our collaboration with the Swedish Handball Federation is an exciting opportunity for us to raise important topics regarding sustainability in partnership with a sports organisation and reach a broad target group. We offer the sustainable packaging of the future and make the good choice easy for consumers.”

written by ehf-euro.com