Spin shot specialists who will create a fuss at EHF EURO 2020

FEATURE: We have all once daydreamed about being a spin shot specialist, have we not? Exclusively for you, here are five players who will make the fans gasp with their skills at EHF EURO 2020

Who does not enjoy a little bit of showmanship? Trick shots are one of the hardest things to get right in handball, but they create those moments when an entire arena stands up as one.

Of all the players who will be playing at the EHF EURO 2020, picking just five is difficult but here they are.

5. Dejan Manaskov (North Macedonia)

The Macedonian left wing is, at 27, one of the players you could consider as stalwarts in his national team and that is partly because of his efficiency. Be it with club or country, Veszprém man Manaskov uses every possible trick in his artillery to put the ball in the back of the net and he is not too shy to unleash a trick shot once in a while.

4. Manuel Strlek (Croatia)

Veszprém managed to sneak not only one but two left-wingers in this list. And it is no wonder to see Manuel Strlek there, as the 31-year-old sometimes looks like a machine on his wing. While he is able to shoot powerfully to put the ball past the goalkeeper, he also is known to drop a gorgeous lob shot over their head. He is also a master at a well-hidden spin-shot which surprises everyone!

3. Mikkel Hansen (Denmark)

You can be one of the most powerful shooters from outside the nine-metre line, possess one of the finest arm and wrist in the handball world and still be delicate with the ball. That is exactly how you could define Mikkel Hansen.

The Danish superstar has found his way around goalkeepers from everywhere thanks to his spin-shot and even if they are warned, some might still get a shock at EHF EURO 2020.

2. Uwe Gensheimer (Germany)

What is there to say about Uwe Gensheimer that has not been said yet? The Rhein-Neckar Löwen player is one of the most spectacular players around and he can put the ball in the net from everywhere. Both powerful and tricky, he is a master at fakes and had a rubber wrist. What else could you want?

1. Timur Dibirov (Russia)

His detractors will tell you that Timur Dibirov relies just a little bit too much on his spin shots, that he can pull off more than a couple of times in a single game. But the Russian wing is so good at it that, when you see his wrist bend backwards, you know you are in for something special and few can complain about seeing some spectacular showmanship on court in January.

written by Kevin Domas / cor