Spain earn late win against Austria

MATCH REVIEW: Spain avenged their one-goal defeat against Austria on Thursday, but they had to wait till the last 10 minutes to decide the round 4 EHF EURO Cup duel

Spain wing David Balaguer shoots for goal against Austria's Thomas Bauer.

Spain exacted their revenge for the 28:29 loss away against Austria in the EHF EURO Cup on Thursday, though they were not able to decide the home match on Sunday until the last 10 minutes.

After a poor start, Austria followed their hosts most of the way, and were even leading 28:27 with 10 minutes left. Six straight goals from Spain decided the match.

Spain are now on six points alongside Norway, while Austria are still on two.

Spain vs Austria 35:31 (18:15)

The home side’s attacking play functioned very well from the start, and with the brothers Joan and Marc Canellas playing together in the back-court line, Spain pulled ahead 7:3.

Several great saves from Thomas Bauer in the Austria goal in combination with a sharpshooting Janko Bozovic enabled the visitors to hang on. Spain moved three goals in front a few times, but Austria kept coming back, as both coaches rotated their squads.

By the half-time buzzer however, Spain re-established their three-goal lead.

Bauer’s save percentage dropped towards half-time, but his replacement between the posts, Thomas Eichberger, played his part in Austria catching up. They drew level at 19:19 four and a half minutes into the second period and took the lead at 28:27 with just over 10 minutes left.

As Spain’s 5-1 defence finally began to pay off, the home team turned the one-goal deficit into a 33:28 lead with six goals in a row, which decided the matter.

written by Peter Bruun / cg