In-flight specialists ready to soar at EHF EURO 2020

FEATURE: There'll be plenty of spectacular in-flight action at the EHF EURO 2020. We've picked five players who will put stars in your eyes with their in-flight goals

The Netherlands' Jeffrey Boomhouwer plays his first EHF EURO this year, and is likely to score several in-flight goals

Setting up an in-flight goal is one of the hardest things to do in handball. It requires timing, understanding and perfect coordination for both players involved.

And while it seems fairly easy to do on paper, it actually requires a lot of work - to the point where some players have become specialists. And you will see some of them in action at EHF EURO 2020.

5. Jeffrey Boomhouwer (Netherlands)

This EHF EURO will be the first for Jeffrey Boomhouwer, the 31-year-old left wing. Born to a handball family, as his father is a coach, the Bergischer player spent his youth perfecting his skills. And it seems like the lesson was learnt well, as the Dutch national player has turned into one hell of a spectacular player.

4. Valentin Porte (France)

An in-flight goal might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Valentin Porte, even though the French right back has turned into a specialist. The fact that he can play both on the wing and the back court position definitely helps, as the 2018 VELUX EHF Champions League winner can both read the game and also put the ball in the net from crazy angles.

3. Alex Dujshebaev (Spain)

The Kielce player won the EHF EURO 2018 with Spain, and his skills had a lot to do with their success. More than once Alex Dujshebaev was at the conclusion of an in-flight goal, jumping at exactly the right time to push the ball into the net. And if they want to keep their crown at the 2020 edition, it would make sense for Spain to score some spectacular goals again.

2. Niklas Ekberg (Sweden)

It is fairly easy to turn into an in-flight goal specialist when you can jump as high and for as long as Niklas Ekberg. The Swedish right wing often catches the ball in the air above the goalkeeper’s area, and sometimes even finishes in the net, thanks to his long flight. And these tricks can be useful when it comes to unlocking a tight defence. Hopefully, Ekberg will display it all at the EHF EURO.

1. Borut Mackovsek (Slovenia)

It seems like the Slovenian in-flight school has a lot to teach to its fellow Europeans. We could have picked many players to top this selection, as Jure Dolenec and Gasper Marguc are also adept at in-flight goals. But Borut Mackovsek, helped by his weight, is the most effective asset of them all. On a ball thrown by his right back, he jumps high above the defenders, catches the ball and gets past the helpless goalkeeper. That sounds easy, right?

written by Kevin Domas / jh