“Hopp Schmid”: Vintage performance brings Switzerland second-ever EHF EURO win

GROUP F REVIEW: Andre Schmid had a game for the ages, scoring 15 times as he lifted Switzerland past Poland, 31:24

An inspired Andre Schmid had a superb game, scoring time and time again for Switzerland as they beat Poland. Photo © Nebojsa Tejic / kolektiff

Switzerland recorded only their second win ever in 14 games at the EHF EURO, after an Andy Schmid masterpiece lifted them past an unexperienced Polish side, 31:24.

  • centre back Andre Schmid was the Grundfos Player of the Match, scoring 15 goals
  • Schmid had scored only 15 goals previously in three games at the EHF EURO, but doubled that score as he became the third all-time top goal scorer for Switzerland in the competition
  • only one player has managed to score at least 15 goals in a game in the history of the competition, with Norwegian Kjetil Strand holding the record, with 19 goals
  • Switzerland will face Slovenia in the last round, while Poland meet hosts Sweden


Switzerland vs Poland 31:24 (14:12)

“We are not here as tourists,” said Swiss playmaker Andy Schmid before the start of the tournament.

Many considered Switzerland as a dark horse in the group, but the trick was to prove that they were not a one-trick-pony, a team that relies too heavy on Schmid, despite having seven other players who ply their trade in the Bundesliga.

However, for the first 30 minutes against Poland, Switzerland did show flashes of becoming a real team. Of course, it was Schmid who was the catalyst, as every ball flowed through him.

Scoring with a 102 km/h shot from way back, converting a fast break or a flawless penalty efficiency, Schmid led his team to a 14:12 lead at the break, scoring seven goals.

There were, however, signs of life from Poland, as the lead changed four times in the first 18 minutes, before Switzerland started dominating the game. There was no conservation instinct for the Swiss side, who continued to go all-in by taking out the goalkeeper in attack, riding Schmid’s hot form.

The Rhein-Neckar Löwen star scored the first four goals for Switzerland in the second half, as Poland were lagging behind with 20 minutes to go, 20:16. It ultimately became the best individual performance up until at this point at the EHF EURO, with Schmid singlehandedly delivering blow after blow for Switzerland.

Schmid finished the game with 15 goals, giving Switzerland only their second-ever win at the EHF EURO, with a do-or-die game looming on Tuesday against Slovenia.

Switzerland just need Schmid to recover. He confessed after the match: "I am 36 now, I feel like I am 40 and I will see if I am able to walk tomorrow, I left all my energy here, the tank is empty now. I will think about this game tomorrow."

written by Adrian Costeiu / jh