Bitter on form again as Germany prepare for Portugal with victory

GROUP I REVIEW: Germany go into their 5/6 placement match against Portugal off the back of a comfortable win over the Czech Republic

Johannes Bitter had another great day in goal for Germany. Photo © Jozo Cabraja / kolektiff

Germany head into Saturday’s 5/6 placement match against Portugal buoyed by a comfortable four-goal win over the Czech Republic in the final main round match in Vienna.

Christian Prokop’s side again had the saves from goalkeeper Johannes Bitter to help them on their way to victory with a 36 per cent save percentage which earned him a second successive player of the match award.

  • Germany face Portugal in Saturday’s 5/6 placement match
  • goalkeeper Johannes Bitter wins player of the match award, saving 12 of 33 shots (36 per cent save ratio)
  • Germany’s Philipp Weber top scores with five goals
  • Weber also registers fastest shot of the match at 137 km/h
  • the Czechs lose all four main round matches to finish 12th overall


Czech Republic vs Germany 22:26 (10:13)

Germany came into the game already assured of a ticket on the plane to Stockholm to contest the 5/6 placement match against Portugal on Saturday, while for the Czechs it was all about pride as they aimed to avoid a fourth successive defeat.

The first half began slowly – only nine goals were scored in the first 15 minutes as both defences and goalkeepers dominated.

German stopper Johannes Bitter continued from where he left off after his superb display against Austria last time out with a 44 per cent save ratio by the break to help his side to a three-goal lead.

The Germans’ quest to extend the lead was thwarted shortly after the restart by the Czech Republic defence and goalkeeper Martin Galia, which enabled them to take a slender lead thanks to a 4:0 run.

Both Bitter and Galia maintained their fine shot-to-save ratio, and in a nip-and-tuck contest Germany edged two goals ahead thanks to two goals apiece from Philipp Weber and Tobias Reichmann.

That lead soon increased after a 6:2 run for Prokop’s side and, with the Czechs failing to make any inroads in the deficit , the German fans inside the Wiener Stadthalle could celebrate a comfortable four-goal win ahead of their side’s final match of the tournament.

written by Andrew Barringer / jh