Media Hotels

The organisers of Men's EHF EURO 2020 are looking forward to welcoming all media representatives to the European Championship from 9 to 26 January 2020 in Sweden, Austria and Norway. Below you find information regarding media hotels in all three host nations.


Göteborg and Malmö will host the preliminary round. The main round will take place in Malmö and the final weekend will be played in Stockholm. 

Media can book their accommodation until 1 October 2019. Hotels are likely to be fully booked, which is why the organising committee asks kindly to send requests as soon as possible.

Booking re-quests after 1 October 2019 are welcome, but please note that price and availability can not be guaranteed.

For booking requests, please contact the booking team:

Email: booking(at)handballeuro2020(dot)com

Phone: +46 75 240 10 50



Vienna and Graz are the two Austrian host cities of EHF EURO 2020, with Graz being a preliminary round venue and Vienna being a venue for the preliminary and the main round. Media hotels in the two cities can be booked via the following links.

Graz - Preliminary Round: (booking deadline 7 December 2019)

Vienna - Preliminary Round: (booking deadline 26 November 2019)

Vienna - Main Round: (booking deadline 2 December 2019)



Trondheim will host the two preliminary rounds C and D, welcoming among others the teams of Germany and Norway. Pre-booked rooms for the media representatives are available in Trondheim. You can book your accommodation until 1October 2019. Please note that the hotels are likely to be fully booked, so we ask you kindly to enter your requests as soon as possible.
If you want to make a booking please contact the local organising committee at media(at)handballeuro2020(dot)com.