Trondheim - Preliminary Round Host City

The atmosphere and possibilities inherent in a small city mean that, as a guest, you can do a lot within in a short space of time. You can experience this small-town charm with Midtbyen, Bakklandet, culinary city Trondheim and a rich restaurant scene.

Trondheim is located in the region of Trøndelag. This region offers visitors the essence of Norway and everything Norwegian: high mountains and vast mountain plateaus. Deep forests and valleys. Sami reindeer herders who tend to their herds. The Northern Lights, snow and sparkling conditions for skiing. Wild animals such as moose, lynxes, reindeer, bears, wolves, eagles and muskoxen. Modern urban life with a rich cultural and commercial life.

Trondheim offers hotels in every category, concert venues and top-class sports events at Lerkendal, Granåsen or on the handball court.

Trondheim’s proud and important history has helped to set the agenda for the tremendous development the city has experienced.

Residents and visitors can enjoy the creative power in the Trondheim region through the strong business sector, exciting start-up milieu, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) with more than 36,000 students, a world leading research environment, innovative cultural institutions and a unique food and drink culture.

Nobel Prize winners May-Britt and Edvard Moser represent a large specialists' community in Trondheim. An entire world will be able to take part in the city’s research and cultural scene during this year’s Starmus Festival.

Whether you’re exploring your own city or visiting from afar, welcome to adventures, tasty days and exciting events in Trondheim, Norway’s third largest city!

Trondheim Spektrum

Designed with flexibility in mind, the Trondheim Spektrum is the perfect choice for sporting events and exhibitions, while satisfying the most demanding congress and convention needs. It fits the bill with its central location, park-like surroundings, easy access, whatever the size of the event.

The venue will in 2019 consists of 9 full-size handball courts under the same roof. We are now building a new arena with a capacity of 12,000 for concerts and over 8,000 for international handball matches. This makes the Trondheim Spektrum one of the most appealing multipurpose venues in the north of Europe.

Hospitality in Trondheim

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Visualisation of Trondheim Spektrum