Fan information: List of prohibited items in the arenas

Fans travelling to see EHF EURO 2020 matches at all six venues should be aware that there are restrictions on items permitted inside the arenas.

Spectators are recommended to arrive at the arena in plenty of time to avoid delays due to security controls. Admission to each arena will open 1.5 hours before throw off.

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

Items which are not allowed inside the arenas include:

• Glass bottles, cans, plastic bottles, thermos bottles

• Cameras with 200mm+ lenses, video cameras

• Selfie sticks

• Seat cushions

• Flags larger than 1.5 x 1m, non-national flags, wooden flagpoles

• Fireworks, weapons, pepper spray

• Bulky items, such as umbrellas, suitcases, helmets, skateboards etc.

• Pushchairs, bicycles, scooters

• Laser pointers, flashlights, bicycle lights

• Noisy instruments

• Large powerbanks

• Pets