EHF partners with (Un)informed Handball Hour for first EHF EURO podcast

New offer extends media portfolio for upcoming European Championship in Sweden, Austria and Norway

The European Handball Federation has come together with the (Un)informed Handball Hour to offer the first EHF podcast at a Handball European Championship.

Every second day, Irish trio, Chris O’Reilly, Brian Campion and Alex Kulesh, will welcome high-profile guests to talk about and offer insights on everything that is happening at and around the biggest Men’s EHF EURO to date.

The EHF EURO podcast will be available in English on all major podcast platforms including iTunesSpotify and Podbean as well as being embedded below.

“This the first time we are offering a podcast at European Championship level for all handball fans. It is another piece of the puzzle in our aim to offer the most attractive coverage of this EHF EURO across all platforms whether this is online, on social media – or now as podcast,” says Thomas Schoeneich, Head of Media and Communications for the European Handball Federation.

“We are delighted to partner the EHF and deliver the first official EHF EURO podcast. We have all been players and passionate fans before working in handball media and we pride ourselves on bringing that love for the sport to the podcast. We try to blend the formal with the fun and offer fans a light-hearted yet informative listen. We cannot wait to get started,” says Chris O’Reilly.

The (Un)Informed Handball Hour started as podcast project in 2017 by Chris O’Reilly and Brian Campion. Ever since more than 50 podcasts have been aired, covering all aspects of European and worldwide handball.

O’Reilly, Campion and Kulesh have all been playing handball for the Irish national team. O’Reilly is also a commentator for ehfTV at EHF Champions League matches.

At EHF EURO 2020, they will first be based in Trondheim, before travelling to Malmö for the main round and then to Stockholm for the final weekend.

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